Thursday, July 29, 2010

today, everyday

I woke up this morning, groggy and tired as usual, after snoozing my alarm a few times (actually I think I might have turned it off and just used my husband’s alarm instead), made myself get out of bed, pet my puppy bear who was sleeping at my feet, like usual, and got into the shower, still exhausted after 8 hours of sleep…hmmm. What happened? Got myself ready, my usual routine, showered, brushed my teeth, washed my face, brushed my hair, blow dried my bangs, lotioned up, face & body, then half did my make up, not feeling it today. Got dressed, ran into the kitchen, grabbed a cup of coffee, which my husband so graciously makes every morning (thanks babe), grabbed lunch, got my gym bag( which is really a tote), my purse, kissed my husband goodbye, petted my puppy again, and off I went to work. A 45 minute drive, 0 to 80 in no time, as usual my thoughts start, this is my time, heading east on the 210, 45 minutes on my way to work, turn on the radio, sing a bit, turn off the radio, because silence seems more peaceful, of course being who I am, I have conversations and arguments with myself, sometimes I talk to God (not as often as I should), then I settle on a day dream, ahhh, my time…
“packing up, flying in, 1 bedroom apartment, my husband, fabulous job, the city, walking along the streets with puppy bear, camera in hand, fall, wind, dinner, d├ęcor, rooftop patio, glass of red wine, cozy bed, book shelves, my little family, a new life…”
I exit on Milliken, as usual, cross the railroad tracks, turn into the driveway, pull into a parking space, put my car on park, grab my purse, my tote, my coffee, walk through the dealership, smile and say good morning, as usual, walk up to my office, sit at my desk, and take my gone home off my phone, as usual…
Lucky for me, tomorrow at 5pm, I will be officially on vacation for a week...ahhhh, my time;)

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