Thursday, August 19, 2010

one day at a time

I’ve come to realize that I am not happy where I am as far as a career, I’ve always felt like I was made for more than just a 8-5 office job, but I’ve gotten comfortable where I am at. Now that my 9 year anniversary is only 2 months away, that feeling of not being satisfied is pulling at me hard and weighing me down. I’ve gone to culinary school, I’ve been to college and still have yet to find what fulfills my soul. I love to write but am not anywhere near my full potential, I love to cook, but I'm afraid not for a living, I love painting, but not a gifted painter, and so on... Many people have these fabulous creative ideas and they make a living with doing what they love, I admire and want that, yet I cannot seem to find my nitch. So now, I find myself here again, what should I do? So I have decided that I give myself until the end of the year to make this change. I will, one day at a time move forward in the right direction, to a new life, to a new me, to a happy place. Any ideas or suggestions?

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