Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Nat!!!

Natalie & I have worked together for a few years now, but we didn’t become close friends until recently, so sad I didn’t realize before what a rad person she is (yes, I used the word rad), it's ok though, because we're catching up fast! She’s smart, funny, witty, and beautiful both inside and out…but my favorite quality is the fact that she could appreciate my crazy self, put up with all my neurotic thoughts and specially follow my stories even though they’re all over the place:)We have a lot of fun together! Oh yeah, a couple more things, she can bake like nobody’s business and has really cute style! Happy Birthday lady!

Now here’s a little bit about her:

1. What is your favorite color?
2. What inspires you:
Love, Life, music… well I feel kinda goofy saying it but being loved and loving….in all of my relationships. Love from friends, Love from family and the romantic kind too. They all produce a certain kind of energy that sustains us. Each brand of Love uniquely different from each other…like a strand of fresh water pearls…each separate but all very much connected and no two perfectly alike. And life…all that in tales including the happy times, the heartbreak, the unknown…the hope that we find in each new day. How we are all part of such a huge picture. So intertwined. It’s so trivial but I love to ponder such things because I find it terribly interesting! And music…aaah…the soundtracks of our lives. What else can I say that you don’t already know yourself. Music infuses each day, sometimes minute to minute, with emphasized emotion. It can lift your spirits when you feel down, indulge your mopyness when that’s what you’d prefer. Take you back to moments in your life at every stage: childhood, school days, boyfriends, friends, school dances, heartbreaks, vacations, etc-if you’re so lucky. My ipod might as well be connected straight to my heart because it is so very vital to my existence…I almost left it in Tennessee and remembered it on my way to the airport. I made my uncle turn back. I couldn’t bear to go a week without it! I’d do better without makeup for a week for crying out loud and lets be honest I’d be a wreck without make-up so you can imagine!
3. Where would you like to travel:
Anywhere in Europe would be exciting but I’d settle for a camp ground in the great outdoors!
4. What are your sweet indulgences:
Perfume & chocolate
5. Favorite pastime or hobby:
Hmmm…reading and finding new music to love…hangin’ with the familia or friends. Dancing…with myself and singing very poorly!

Yes, I made her fill out a survey:)

Here's a pic of us being nerds...

Have a beautiful day!

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