Thursday, November 19, 2009

Today was a good day

Tonight was a nice evening, I was able to go visit with one of my best friends Mayeli and baby Adrian, he is so adorable, I did not want to let him go;) It's so nice to see her so happy as a little mommy. Here's his Auntie Norma all happy;) Isnt he the cutest!
After I left Maya's house, I met up to have dinner with one of my other best friends, Meghan, rarely am I able to hang with two of my best friends on a work night. It was really nice, Meg is so creative she made James & I the most wonderful wedding gift, a collage with wedding momentos including a dried gardenia from my hair, vintage postcard from Ventura, cork from the champagne, our invitation, and pictures of our special day. She's so thoughful! Can't wait to hang it up on our living room wall;) Thanks Meg! Love you
And to top the night off, Im off to watch the midnight showing of New Moon;) All happy!

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